The Entire Old Testament Bible Series
from Genesis to Malachi
- 38x 3-Hour Lessons

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Course Description:

Dr. Peter Young is the Senior Pastor of BridgeWay Church in Denver, CO, an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary and the Global Awakening Theological Seminary, and the Bible instructor at the Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry. He has taught through the Bible on a rotating 2-3 year cycle for over 20 years.
He approaches his Bible survey classes from a revelatory, rather than an informational perspective.

Students glean solid insights from their own exegetical study of God's Word combined, with class lecture, Q&R, and discussion. Key to Peter's instruction approach is stewarding the presence of God's Spirit who reveals key insights which are immediately applied to student's lives. Deep historical and big picture background is typically shared in each class session. You will find his perspective both life-changing and unique among Bible survey and Bible teaching courses taught at seminaries or Bible colleges.

The video and audio series of Dr. Young's classes are used in conjunction with different student notebooks. Students take notes from the Bible on their own as they read and study before viewing or listening to the audio tracks.

Included in this series are the following modules:

Old Testament 1

The Old Testament I Course contains detailed teaching on the following books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Theology and doctrines of creation, man, marriage, covenants, election, judgment, salvation by faith, and the Law are covered in great detail.

As in all the courses, Dr. Peter Young teaches, the supernatural aspects of God's interaction with man and the prophetic and revelatory nature of the Scriptures as they apply to Christ and believers today are deeply explored.

The accompanying workbooks for this course are:

How to Study the Bible
Old Testament I & II Student Manual
• Old Testament I & II Teaching and Exegetical Notes

Note: The Teaching and Exegetical Notes manuals are regularly referred to in the class teachings. Slide presentations, online word studies, and the whiteboard diagrams that Dr. Young regularly uses are only available on the video version of the teaching, which we recommend over the audio teaching for this reason.

Video Teaching Content:

OT I - Pentateuch: Genesis to Deuteronomy

Session 1 - Genesis 1-11 Introduction to the OT, Bible Story Overview, Creation Theology, Genealogies
Session 2 - Genesis 12-26 Abrahamic Covenant, Understanding OT Narrative
Session 3 - Genesis 27-50 Theology of Divine Election, Patriarchal Family
Session 4 -  Exodus 1-18 The Mosaic Covenant, OT Law
Session 5 - Exodus 19-40 Theology OT Worship I
Session 6 - Leviticus Theology Feasts/Sacrifices, OT Laws to NT Principles
Session 7 - Numbers Theology Faith, Trials, Land as Promise
Session 8 - Deuteronomy Deuteronomic Theology


Old Testament 2

The Old Testament 2 Course contains detailed teaching on what is called the "pre-exilic" period of time in the Bible: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 & 2 Samuel, and 1 & 2 Kings are covered in interesting detail.

OT II - Pre-Exilic History: Joshua to 2 Kings - Subjects List (available as streamed videos)

Session 1 - Joshua - Theology of Conquest
Session 2 - Judges - Theology of Human Depravity
Session 3 - Ruth, 1 Samuel 1-15 - Theology of the Kingship
Session 4 - 1 Samuel 16 to 2 Samuel 5 - Contrast Saul and David
Session 5 - 2 Samuel 6-24 - Davidic worship from 1 Chronicles
Session 6 - 1 Kings 1-16 - Theology OT Revival, Kings in Contrast
Session 7 - 1 Kings 1 to 2 Kings 10 - Good Kings, Bad Kings - Why?
Session 8 - 2 Kings 11-25 - The perspective of Chronicles

The accompanying workbooks for this course are:
How to Study the Bible,
OT 1 - Pentateuch and Pre-Exilic History Student Manual (paper or electronic version), and
OT 1 - Pentateuch and Pre-Exilic History Exegetical Notes.


Old Testament 3

The Old Testament 3 Course contains detailed teaching on what is called the "wisdom literature" in the Bible: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs are covered in interesting detail.

OT III - Wisdom Literature: Job to Song of Songs - Subjects List (available as streamed videos)

Session 1 - Proverbs - Introduction to Wisdom Literature
Session 2 - Psalms 1-50 - How to categorize Proverbs, Theology of Fear of the Lord.
Session 3 - Psalm 51-100 - How to categorize Psalms
Session 4 - Psalms 101-150 - Laments
Session 5 - Job 1-18 - OT Praise, God's Word as Statutes
Session 6 - Job 29-42 - Theology of Suffering, Divine Sovereignty
Session 7 - Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs - Human and Divine Wisdom Contrast

The accompanying workbooks for this course are:
How to Study the Bible,
Old Testament II: Wisdom Literature Job To Song Of Solomon


Old Testament 4

The Old Testament 4 Course contains detailed teaching on what is called the "The 8th Century Prophets" in the Bible:  Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Amos, and Micah are covered in interesting detail.

OT IV - 8th Century Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Amos, Micah - Subjects List (available as streaming videos)

Session 1 - Isaiah 1-12, Intro. to Prophetic Literature
Session 2 - Isaiah 13-39, Theology of Judgement
Session 3 - Isaiah 40-66, Theology of Remnant, Christ in the OT
Session 4 - Isaiah 58-66
Session 5 - Hosea, Amos, Micah, Background to 8th Century Israel
Session 6 - Jeremiah 1-24, Theology of New Covenant
Session 7 - Jeremiah 25-52, False Prophets


Old Testament 5

The Old Testament 5 Course contains detailed teaching on what is called the "The Exilic Prophets, and the Post-Exilic History" in the Bible:  Joel to Malachi, Ezra to Esther are covered in interesting detail.

OT V - The Exilic Prophets, and the Post-Exilic History - Subjects List (available as streamed videos)

Session 1 - Ezekiel 1-24, Theology of Prophetic acts and Allegories
Session 2 - Ezekiel 25-48, Lucifer, True Shepherds, The Spiritual Temple
Session 3 - Daniel, Intro to Minor Prophets, Babylon and End-time Theology
Session 4 - Joel, Judgement, and Salvation of the Nations
Session 5 - Joel, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Jonah
Session 6 - Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah
Session 7 - Esther, Zechariah 9-16, Malachi, Close of OT
Session 8 - Esther

[Please note: We are including an old file - 2015 - for Joel, Jonah, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Obadiah, Nahum as we missed a broader discussion of Joel when the Holy Spirit broke out when discussing Joel 2 in our 2017 series. In addition, we did not discuss Obadiah and Nahum in the 2017 series.]