CSKM Revelatory Bible Series with Dr. Peter J. Young

About Your Instructor:

Dr. Peter Young is a gifted visionary leader, pastor, revelatory teacher, and apostolic leader. He has strong gifts in both the Word and Spirit traditions, enabling him to walk in both realms with ease. He has been teaching on the Kingdom of God for over 40 years and verse by verse through the Bible for over 16 years. He practices a signs and wonders ministry at his church and encourages the manifest Presence of God and the Kingdom realities in all aspects of life.

Peter is the Senior Pastor of BridgeWay Church in Denver, CO. He has an MDiv. from Denver Seminary and DMin. from United Theological Seminary. He is an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary, the Global Awakening Theological Seminary, and the Bible instructor at the Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry. He has taught through the Bible on a rotating 2-3 year cycle for over 20 years

Revelatory Bible Survey Courses Overview:

In the Revelatory Bible Study series, Dr. Peter J. Young teaches through the entire Bible chapter by chapter, verse by verse, from Genesis to Revelation in seventy-two 3-hour teaching sessions. Dr. Young approaches his Bible survey classes from a revelatory, rather than an informational perspective. Key to Peter's instructional approach is big picture insight, application, question and answer, theological issues and stewarding the presence of God's Spirit during teaching such that insights are immediately applied and imparted to student's lives. Deep historical and big picture background is also shared in each class session.

Students take notes on assigned Bible passages before taking the teaching sessions “live” or before viewing or listening to the recorded video/audio sessions. As the classes are taught, Dr. Young also covers basic theology and principles of studying the Bible including how to develop exegetical preaching and teaching lessons and outlines from the passages. You will find his teachings and perspective both life-changing and unique among Bible survey and Bible teaching courses taught at seminaries or Bible colleges.

Student workbooks are required and are purchased with the video or audio sets. The course is broken into bite-sized video segments. There is a 20% discount applied to each video series if either the entire Old Testament or New Testament video or audio sets are purchased. (Available soon)

An electronic version of the Student Notetaking Manual is provided when you purchase the paper manual in an .RTF format so that students can take notes on the Bible as they study it on their own on their tablet, PC or Mac.

Note: The Teaching and Exegetical Notes manuals are regularly referred to in-class teachings. Slide presentations, online word studies, and the whiteboard diagrams that Dr. Young regularly uses are only available on the video version of the teaching, which we recommend over the audio teaching for this reason.

The detailed content of each course is found on the descriptions of the various packages. Book purchases are fulfilled through Amazon and you can “Look Inside” the contexts of these books on the Amazon Book Store Site.

Before you buy any of these series, you may wish to order a sample class session from the New Testament (Mark) or the Old Testament (Book of Joshua).

Note: If a church discipleship class or ministry school wishes to utilize these teachings at a remote site anywhere in the world, this can be arranged with on-site downloads and a per-student licensing fee. International pricing differs by country. Please contact the Colorado School of Kingdom ministry for information at www.cskm.us.

Testimonies, suggestions, and insights you wish to share with Dr. Young can be sent to admin@cskm.us.

Sample Course Videos:

Sample Video classes to view before you purchase Audio Video
Sample Video Class OT Book of Joshua (15 mins approx) N/A FREE
Sample Video Class NT Mark (15 mins approx) N/A FREE

Revelatory Bible Survey Course Packages and Pricing:

New Testament Courses Audio Video
NT - Entire NT Series 27 3-hour lessons (15% discount) Available Soon  $168.00   $336.00
NT I – New Testament and Gospels Introduction, Matthew, Mark (7 sessions)  $42.00   $84.00
NT II - Gospels of John, Luke, Acts (9 sessions)  $54.00   $108.00
NT III - Pauline Epistles - Romans to 2 Timothy (11 sessions)  $48.00   $96.00


Old Testament Courses Audio Video
OT - Entire OT Series 38 3-hours lessons (15% Discount) $182.00 $364.00
OT 1 - Pentateuch: Genesis to Deuteronomy (8 sessions) $48.00 $88.00
OT 2 - Pre-Exilic History: Joshua to 2 Chronicles (8 sessions) $48.00 $88.00
OT 3 - Wisdom Literature: Job to Song of Songs (7 sessions) $42.00 $77.00
OT 4 - 8th Century Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Hosea, Amos, Micah (7 sessions) $39.00 $77.00
OT 5 - Exilic/Post Exilic Prophets/History: Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel to Malachi, Ezra to Esther (8 sessions) $42.00 $88.00



Required Books & Manuals Cost
How to Study the Bible Student Manual (Required for any OT or NT Series) $25.00
OT I Student Manual (for OT 1 & 2 Audio and Video) $25.00
OT I Teaching and Exegetical Notes  (for OT 1 & 2 Audio and Video) $30.00
OT II Student Manual and Class Notes (for OT 3 Audio and Video) $25.00
OT III Revelatory Bible Survey, Exegetical Notes, and Student Manual (for OT 4 & 5 Audio and Video) $30.00
NT I Gospels and Acts Teaching and Exegetical Notes $30.00
NT I Gospels and Acts Student Notes $20.00
NT II Epistles and Revelation - Teaching and Exegetical Notes $30.00
NT II Epistles and Revelation - Student Notes $30.00